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Allison Pomenta

Is an editor and children’s content creator, who specialized in learning through play and informal learning through her work in museum education and communication, and subsequent post-graduate studies in these fields.

Ms. Pomenta went on to freelance during several years editing, writing and translating for the U.S. bilingual textbook industry, until she studied an MA in Publishing with the aim of producing her own educational and entertaining products for children. After devising a game-like language-acquisition series of resources for toddlers and preschoolers, she began work on this book app in 2011.

A lifelong fan of children’s books and media, Ms. Pomenta takes great care from the stage of conceptual development that content is age-appropriate and accessible to audiences with different learning styles, abilities and interests. Ms. Pomenta believes in offering open-ended activities that allow kids to experiment, and strives to foster meaningful learning in all children’s media she creates. 

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Cubic Jigsaw

Cubic Jigsaw, is a brand new edutainment studio dedicated exclusively to kid’s apps, within the Higuera Studios group. We specialize in Edutainment content, through which we develop our real passion: creating high quality entertainment content for kids that offers carefully thought-out experiences through which kids can build on prior knowledge, learn new concepts, find challenges for their skills, and develop their minds as they play.

Our products aim to feature strong storytelling, captivating interactive moments and game mechanics, merged with superior art, graphics and animations. We are Based in Bogota – Colombia, and San Francisco – U.S.

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Mónica Armiño

Mónica is a freelance illustrator graduated in Fine Arts and with extensive knowledge in both digital and traditional techniques. Her interests lie in pre-production and visual development, not only in animation but also in video game industry.

Therefore, her skills focus on the mastering of 2D techniques, which does not prevent her from having some basic knowledge of 3D modeling and texturing. This makes her able and ready to work in many different styles, with color and drawing undoubtedly being the strongest points in her work.

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