A Chain Reaction Begins


The story of creating “Axel’s Chain Reaction” book app dates back to spring 2011. In March, I had visited the Bologna Book Fair —the most important rights negotiation fair for children’s books. I was trying to sell a print project for prescoolers, with the idea of starting up a “book packaging” company (they create book projects from start to finish, and then sell the rights to publishing houses).  

I had an epiphany when I saw a book app for the first time at that fair. Though the interactivity wasn’t particularly relevant, nor did it add much to the story apart from the novelty of animation and sounds (what is often referred to as “gimmicky” interaction), I realized immediately this new medium was an ideal match for me. (If you want to know why, read my Bio

Realizing that the print market was saturated, sales were getting harder, and what publishers were looking for were commercial products they could easily sell in mass markets, I started reading all I could about book apps, and the app market in general. I started collecting some of this news in a Scoop.it page.