Try, try again. Design and Illustration of our book app

You might not believe this, but I went through three illustrators in this process, before starting to work with Mónica Armiño. I had liked her work since I saw it in Advocate Art’s print material at the Bologna Book Fair. But I thought she was so good, she was probably outside my budget. 

Lacking much capital, I first contacted an illustrator with the hope of partnering with him using a revenue-share scheme. He promised he was so interested in doing a book app, he wouldn’t put my project at the end of the line, after his other commissions. No such luck. (Alarm signs: he didn’t want to sign a contract). 

I started to work with another illustrator, and then another. I realized I was getting nowhere with such a small budget. Having to start my search all over again, asking for quotes four times around, meant the final process of illustration started a year later than I had planned —after I had found all the rest of my suppliers and partners. But boy, was Mónica worth it. She’s not only a very professional, talented, and dedicated illustrator. She was also easy to work with, as I was open to accept her ideas, and she was flexible in incorporating my own. I’m sure you’ll all love her illustrations as much as we do.


Here are her first character designs: