Audio Recording for the app: professionals and volunteers

Audio Recording for “Axel’s Chain Reaction” happened very fast. I had already requested quotes from recording studios several months back, and suddenly we were leaving Spain (or rather: jumping ship). I had already contacted our narrator a while back: a young American actor named Paul Gladis, who worked as a music teacher. He liked the story of this creative kid so much, he offered to accommodate to my small budget. In a question of days I found several American families who were willing to volunteer with both adult and children’s voices. I have to specially thank all the kids who patiently waited for their turn at the recording studio.

Here are some of their pics:

Audio editing was a more time-consuming process than recording, because it required listening to all the takes, choosing the best, cutting, pasting, modifying. Editing audio in person was really intense because of time constraints —tiring but fun. Víctor Lago was a very patient and accommodating professional.  But finishing audio editing long-distance, over the internet, took a really long time (not something I’d recommend to others, so it’s best to do it in your own city!) 

Each different role I’ve had to take on in this project has required a steep learning curve, so if our lessons learned are useful for anybody else, we’re glad to share them.